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 A Kindle Exclusive!

(#9 in the Akitada series)

In this ninth novel in the Akitada series, Akitada takes a river journey to Naniwa to unmask officials selling information to pirates. Accompanied by a very young and na´ve clerk, he witnesses the recovery of the body of a drowned child prostitute. Her image follows him even as his own problems and disasters multiply in Naniwa. Someone is sabotaging his investigation. His young clerk disappears. Akitada is attacked by two thugs, and armed men brutalize his family in the capital. When Tora joins his master, they both fall into the hands of the pirates and must fight a bloody battle to escape. Even after his official assignment is completed, it is the tragic story of the dead girl that will haunt Akitada most.

This novel is a Kindle Exclusive. Order from Amazon using the link below.

(Note that my agent tried to find a print publisher for this book and failed. I have some hopes that we may still do so, provided the novel does well on Kindle. Please remember to post reviews if you like a book. The problems of finding a publisher are related to small sales numbers, and sales depend on reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. Readers decide if books remain in publication.)

Kindle has posted a blog post to accompany the release of the novel. You may access it by clicking here.

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